Wishes for a Non-Existing Genie

The other day, I was talking to my sister while working on The Endeavor when I said, “I wish cancer didn’t exist.” After a few seconds, I paused and said, “I need a pen right now.”

My sister found my remark “random” and I explained to her that I had wanted to wish for a pen, but ended up wishing that cancer didn’t exist in case a genie was nearby and my wish actually came true.

My sister asked why I would do something so stupid and I (very casually) told her I would hate to waste something as precious and unique as a wish on something stupid like wishing for a pen, for people to shut the fuck up, for my socks to match, etc., when I could potentially cure cancer, make people accept that climate change is real, or bring Abraham Lincoln back from the dead to save us all—among many other things.

My sister, being the truly—and arguably only—smart person of the family, gave me several reasons as to why a genie would not be standing next to me to grant my wish: genies aren’t real, we don’t live in Agrabah so a genie can’t be nearby, nothing ever happens in Minnesota, etc.

While she was speaking, I realized that as arrogant and pretentious as my desire to cure cancer or bring back my favorite president from the dead sounds, my subconscious was using comedy to remind me to choose my words carefully; to be mindful about what I wish for; and, like the caterpillar in the Labyrinth movie, to not take anything for granted.

A lot of times, we tend to forget that our words and actions are incredibly powerful and that as crazy (and Marianne Williamson) as it sounds, the universe IS listening to us and paying attention to our manifestations.

Let this be a reminder to everyone to be kind and to put out positive things into the universe.


C. W.

Note: This is the FIRST post I wrote for Stories. Not a blog. A year on, I am still very proud of it. :)