an end to february.

What a horrible month February has been! I was physically sick, mentally unwell, spiritually and emotionally heartbroken (in the worst way possible), and financially drained.

Awful. Awful. Awful.

What an awful, stressful, heartbreaking, expensive month it was!

But it is over.

A new page is upon us (upon me, thankfully!) and I feel hopeful.

I feel good. I feel calm.

All shall be well.

And if it is not, then there is always April. May. June. July. August. September. October. November. January... February... March... April...

On and on, the months shall pass, until I find one where things will be just that.


not bad. not sad. not terrible. not heartbreaking. not anything except OK. (or maybe even happy, if only for just a little.)

(and if not in this life then perhaps in another.

someplace, somewhere, (good) things are going to come; and they're going to chose to stay every single time.)


C. W.