Goodbye – (for now?)

My sharing battery has officially died out; and I am afraid it won't recharge for a very long time. (perhaps it won't ever recharge, but we shall see) For days and days I have tried to think of something important, something insightful, something meaningful to share, and I have nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And I just don't feel excited anymore. With life in general and with Stories. Not a blog. I have run out of things to say; of things to share, and although a big part of me feels relieved to have reached this point I really miss waking up with the desire to spend hours working and writing for this humble yet currently abandoned Not a blog.

I will officially take a month-long “hiatus” to refocus (and recharge?). On both Not a blog. and on my Endeavor, which I have also abandoned. I need it. I need to not be here—at least for a while—without feeling guilty.

I will endeavor to be back September 1st; but no guarantees will be (officially) made (to either myself or the few souls to happen to read this). I need time to do a lot of stupid yet important stuff, and at this junction in time Stories. Not a blog. is (unfortunately, regrettably) getting in the way. Perhaps if and/or when I do return I will have more of my stories written down, and an interesting or insightful or meaningful thing (or two) to share.

Goodbye (for now?). (and wish me luck!)


C. W.