Halloweekend 2021

[Note: I want to post this before the day ends, so please bear with me if this post seems a little chaotic.]

I am fresh off my annual Halloween neighborhood walk! We left around 6:30 PM, when the sun was beginning to set, and we returned about 30 mins ago (it is currently 8:11 PM).

The weather was perfect, there were enough people walking around (in cool costumes) to make it interesting, and I managed to eat a celebratory Halloween Caramel Apple to celebrate the evening! My baby was super happy and excited to be out and about and he got a BUNCH of compliments from kids and adults alike. He was supposed to be a Target employee for Halloween, but the dummy chewed his Target badge before we made it out the door and without it he was just another bougie dog wearing a sweater. My mother, who completed our annual Halloween walk with him because my sister and I walked to the convenience store to get some snacks, said that a couple of people thought he was cosplaying as Freddy Krueger. I guess it was too dark for them to make a clear distinction between striped and plaid shirts.

My dad came over to celebrate Halloween with us, and he told us that while he was waiting in the car for us to get home two girls jumped inside the back of his car and asked if he was their Uber. My dad freaked out, told them to leave and they did...but are you fucking kidding me? Thank God my dad is an honest God-fearing person, because something seriously scary could have happened to those two girls had my dad been some deranged, sick pervert (does anyone remember that story about the girl leaving a bar who got into some sicko's car and ended up dead?). They ended up exiting his car, but they definitely freaked my dad out.

There isn't much else to say except that it was a fun and active night. My brother, the only person who still trick-or-treats in our family, managed to get a decent amount of candy and a toothbrush, which he found on the sidewalk and decided to pick up for no particular reason.

I'm going to end the night by watching Sleepaway Camp, an impromptu addition to our Spooktober Halloweenathon Movie Mania Marathon List, and then I'll be off to bed. I've got work tomorrow and I need to catch some ZzzZzzZzZzzZzzZZz's.


C. W.