I Do It Anyways...and Checklists Make Me Happy

i make checklists for things i love —and for things i hate too (to do).

Go to the funeral? (check) Study French? (check) Study Morality? (crossed out—too tired! i'll do it tomorrow) Wash my teeth/brush my face? (i do it anyways...and crossing things off of checklists makes me happy) Read? (check) Write? (check—but it's tedious and i hate it—even though i love it and cannot go a day —or two—or three—our four—etc.! [you get the idea]—without doing it...)

[. . .]

Doing it? (with who?) (we'll see...i'm too tired and i have a headache—from making lists of course, and nothing else at all. not depression or anxiety or nausea or insomnia [it is 233 as i write this] or anything else that makes me un (anything, but mostly) “un” h a p p y .)


c. w.