I Gave Into Temptation....and I Feel Better for It?

After writing my blurb yesterday, I made a compromise with myself around 5PM. I chose not write but I did outline a bit further so that when I went back tomorrow, I would have something even more concise to come back to. And it worked. I wrote today for a couple of hours and it felt GREAT! I feel new and refreshed and excited about continuing my Endeavor.

For the past seven months, I have been writing an average of 4-6 hours per day, depending on the day, and I have not missed a single day until yesterday. The moment I decided to take the pressure away and what was slowly becoming an obligation to “keep writing” despite clearly not wanting to, the panic and doubt in my head quieted for the rest of the evening.

And it was wonderful.

I finished the last 350 pages I had left of Way of Kings, I took Max out on a walk, I studied French, I watched the news on TV, I played a video game AND....I baked cinnamon rolls which turned out...horrible.

Sometimes a break is needed, even if, for whatever reason, it is not welcome. And it isn't me/you “giving up” or “giving in”. It is a well deserved reset and a practice in self-care.


C. W.