I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine Today!

I got my COVID vaccine bright and early today! Overall, I had a pretty positive experience and I am excited to get the second shot. I haven't had any crazy symptoms (thankfully!) beyond a sore arm and even that hasn't been bad. I even went to do my laundry afterwards and took my dog out for a walk in the afternoon.

I arrived at the clinic about 5 minutes before my scheduled appointment time and the “process” itself was over before I knew it. Getting ready and driving there actually took longer (about an hour and a half total) than the appointment itself, but it was honestly so worth it.

Once I got checked in I was told to go to the second floor, where the COVID shots were being administered, and the receptionist gave me a packet with a F.A.Q. sheet about the vaccine. After waiting for a few minutes a nurse called me in and after asking me some screening questions she gave me the shot, slapped a band-aid on my arm, and told me I was free to go. I waited the mandatory 15 minutes before leaving the clinic and before going home I went to the market to get some tamales.

The rest of the day went by pretty smoothly. I took 3 HUGE bags of dirty clothes to the laundromat (don't judge me on this—at least I'm doing my laundry!) and then I happily spent the rest of the day reading and resting. Late in the afternoon, after I woke up from a tiny (read: three hour) nap, I took my baby out for a walk and then came home and made some soup.

Tomorrow I'm going to fold all of the clothes I have in those bags (yikes!) and then I'll continue working on the Endeavor. No running today, either, but tomorrow things will be business as usual.


C. W.