I Have a Secret

I have a secret I've been keeping from my family, friends and acquaintances for the past 8 or so years. It is something that I've never told anyone and that only a handful of doctors and nurses know about. I would be super embarrassed if people were to find out and I will most likely never divulge it willingly. Why? Because I am too chicken to tell anyone.

The thing is, the secret isn't something horrible that is/was at some point stigmatized or considered to be “sinful”. At its core, it is such a stupid and pathetic thing to fear telling people about, but the fact that I've let this secret go uninterrupted for so long makes it difficult for me to come clean. At this stage in my life, I cannot bring myself tot tell the truth. The (truth) ship has sailed and it is too late to go back. I must now carry the burden of my secret to the grave.

It would be HIGHLY unlikely that someone would figure it out unless I were to tell them, but the thought haunts me every now and then...what if they were find out? Oh, Lord! What have I done?


C. W.