Lunch Beef

This is a tiny story about the time I became enemies with my elementary school lunch lady.

Once upon a time, I waited in line to get my food and when I sat down, I noticed my ChexMex and fruit cups were expired. Grossed out, I showed my friends and when they realized theirs were expired (3 days overdue), we let a teacher know. Some kids at the other tables overheard us and checked their ChexMex and fruit cups, too.

Eventually the entire lunchroom realized we had (and some had eaten) expired ChexMex and fruit cups and the head lunch lady was forced to open new boxes. Walking by each table, she placed the expired items into a box and placed teddy bear cookies and apple slices on our plates. When she got to me, however, she threw my teddy bear cookies on my food and tossed my apple slices into my lap. She literally looked red with anger and since then Debby was never the same with me again.

The end.


C. W.

PS: I’ve FINALLY arrived at the new place and am having an awful time unpacking everything. Wish me luck! Xoxo!