My Little Frog

I had a sad dream about a beautiful, pink frog that was the size of a roll of tape. It fit perfectly in the palm of my hand and I took care of it; happily, lovingly, carefully; until it suffered an accident. The wind roared and screamed, and in one big swoop took my little love out of my hands. And then down it went, slamming against sharp rocks; its fragile arms and legs torn from its body as it fell into the water.

I tried to jump after my little frog, I tried to save it, but someone stopped me; pulled me back and wrapped their arms around me as I cried.

And then my eyes were blinded by the darkness.

My little frog had been taken away from me—and I was heartbroken.

Strangely, somehow, I managed to turn back time; and I chose the same little frog I had tragically lost. I held it in my hands and I whispered, My little frog, I love you with all my heart.

And then I hurt it without meaning to.

Its beautiful, small head was ripped from its body by my horrible, clumsy fingers. As its body twitched in agony, I desperately tried to feed it; hoping and praying that I could save it, keep it, and wash away the guilt I was feeling for what I'd stupidly done.

I could feel its joy at being held by my hands and its pain as it struggled to breathe. It was horrible; watching something that I loved so deeply die by my (foul and disgusting) hand(s).

A dark part of me, a wounded part of me, separated from my body, and tore my little love from from my hands. It stomped until nothing was left, until my little frog had disappeared from existence. She was now a small memory.

Disgusted, the wounded part of me said. I am disgusted; and I hate you for what you've done.

And then the room went dark.

I screamed and cried out, but there was nothing to be done. I couldn't save, I couldn't keep, something I had loved so much. And it hurt. It hurt a lot.

And then the dark part of me spoke again, apathetic and mocking.

Who but an idiot would care so much? About a pink little frog with no name and a small heart.

Who but an idiot would care so much? About a strange and sad dream that broke my heart.

Who? Who? Or should I say r i b b i t ?

C. W.