“Normalcy” in the White House...

...is scheduled to “return” January 20, 2021 and my biggest fear is that once Joe Biden is in office, people will go back to not caring about politics. If there is one thing that I can “thank” (bleh!) Donald Trump for, it is definitely the fact that during the past four years, people have consumed political news in (what I believe to be) unprecedented rates. People of all ages, races, ethnicities, backgrounds, nationalities, etc., are more aware than ever about what is going on in Washington D.C. and are very knowledgeable about what politicians on all levels of government are up to; but with Biden's win, the candle of alertness that has kept the United States on edge over the past four years is in danger of becoming fatigued (and God-forbid in danger of expiring) and that terrifies me.

A few days ago, Joe Biden announced a bunch of his cabinet picks and I found myself dismissing all 8+ notifications from various news outlets (both left and right) on my phone. I didn't care. At all. And after a moment of reflection that scared me, because my idiotic mind immediately thought, “Who cares? He's Joe Biden, an established politician who knows what he's doing, so we're good. At last—finally—I don't need to worry.” But the thing is, we're not good; and although I am happy to see him in office, we are after all, going back to the same-old and I should continue to care. I should continue to worry; and I should continue to obsess over politics. But...at the same time, I feel so exhausted from keeping a constant eye on everything political that the idea of “getting a break from the dumb, blatantly ignorant, stupid, and crazy” feels and sounds good. Really good.

Over the past four years, I always felt like I needed to be on top of things because I never “trusted” Donald Trump or believed him to be capable of leading the United States into becoming the country that it has aspired to be (at least on paper) for the past 244 years. No single president has ever gotten very far with their campaign promises and pandering, but at least they tried and most of them genuinely cared about the job to some degree.

Donald Trump on the other hand, is a moron and a liar whose desire to become president was based off of ticking a box on a bucket list. He is a conman and a Grade-A LOSER who disrespected our troops, the press, women, immigrants, LGBTQIA+ folks, people with disabilities...the list goes on and on...and he finally got what he deserved: to be humiliated on an international stage for all of the damage he has done to this country. The way people cheered on the streets of America—and even abroad—was very telling of how truly despised he is and I hope that wherever he goes for the rest of his life, he is reminded that no one has ever celebrated the defeat of a president with as much joy and fanfare as they did with him. Watching some of the videos posted online would make ANYONE think that World War III had just ended, and I hope he never forgets that. Ever. His presidential “legacy” (if you can call it that) is forever tainted and he will be forever remembered as the “one dick that America regretted.” F'ing loser.

With Joe Biden coming into office, however, I don't want to go back to a time where people (myself included) believe that although things are not perfect, they are at least OKAY enough for them (for us) to not care about or be interested in politics. The interest that Mr. Cheeto-In-Chief sparked in political affairs needs to continue. Not as excessively as it currently is (I suppose we do after all, deserve a break) but I cannot stress this enough: we cannot stop caring, and we cannot get too re-acquainted and comfortable with the establishment/status quo. All politicians are, after all, nasty and shrewd at their very core (I personally believe they have to be in order to want to run for office in the first place), and the endless pandering to their base and feeble attempts to “make sense” to the “other side” every once in a blue moon cannot be ignored.

Hopefully, I'm being naïve and stupid and all of my worrying will be for nothing, but then again, it may not. Only time will tell. In the meantime, remember to question everything and never stop fighting for people's human rights and dignities. Our future generations will thank us for it.


C. W.