Penny (for my) Thoughts: Diaper Mushrooms

I started eating mushrooms recently and have only committed myself to one species (portobello mushrooms) in particular because of an awful story I was fed as a child.

When I was a toddler a family member told me that mushrooms were grown inside used diapers. That's it. That's the story. For 20+ years I've avoided eating mushrooms because a family member scared me into believing that all mushrooms were grown inside dirty, soiled, shit-stained, piss-filled, heavy, wet, and nasty diapers.

As I grew I (obviously) realized this family member had (obviously) lied, but guess what, Stranger? Out of curiosity one day I “Googled It” and won't you fucking believe it, some scientists in Mexico ACTUALLY did it. They grew diapers inside dirty, soiled, shit-stained, piss-filled, heavy, wet and nasty diapers.

The world is fucking crazy.


C. W.

Note: I know ABC Mouse News isn't too reliable of a source for some, but it was the best I could find. A simple Mushroom Diapers search on Google will give you a bunch of articles if you're interested.