The Runner Diaries: Episode I

I have officially become a wannabe-runner! (woohoo!)

After my last post I decided to take my kid out for a walk (to clear my head) and after coming home I decided to just start running.

I took both of my siblings with me and although I feel incredibly excited and accomplished (in a mediocre sort of way, but we all gotta start somewhere!), tonight's first running “session” was ruined by an unfortunate accident.

Everything started out great. We were making good time and after stopping for a bit to rest we continued on our way until my sister stopped dramatically in the middle of the sidewalk and said she'd lost her sapphire ring.

We quickly turned our flashlights on to look around (thankfully we found her ring) BUT one of the sapphires fell off and we weren't able to find it. I feel so bad for her; but most likely it is lost forever. We stayed out for a bit looking through the pavement and grass, but we had no luck. It was late and getting pretty dark, so after a while we had to call it quits. We'll go back and look for it tomorrow, but I doubt we'll find it. The sapphire is so small and dainty, it would be a miracle if we did...

Overall it was a great experience and I had a good time (for a first run), but we'll see how tomorrow goes...if it goes at all. My legs are already sore and I honestly doubt I'll be able to get up at a decent hour (or get up at all) tomorrow.

I won't spam this Not a blog with constant running updates, but this will definitely become a regular occurrence. Something tells me I am going to see and experience a lot of crazy things that I'll be eager to share for as long as I'm committed to this endeavor.

Who knows, if I somehow (miraculously) develop sexy runner legs I'll start showing them off here and there. Just kidding! Or maybe not? We shall see...


C. W.