Today Is A Good Day

For the past two weeks I have been struggling with severe insomnia and my chronic depression has been working overtime to excel at what it does “best”. These two weeks have been really hard and I have been in a very fragile mental state.

Today, however, I feel slightly better.

I know it sounds silly and corny, but I'm tearing up a little as I write this. Depression is an abhorrent, vile and vicious animal. It alienates and consumes you little by little. It is…I won’t get into that today. Not today. Today is a “good” day. Today I celebrate a bit of warmth and sunshine.

Today is not perfect but it is OK.

Dear Stranger,

If you are suffering in any way, shape or form, remember to be caring and loving and gentle and good and kind to yourself. I know it is easier said than done, but even if you feel like you don't, remember you do matter and you are important.

Through it all, I have always tried to remember the following, which I wrote about a while ago on this strange, yet humble Not. a blog:

Soon will be different. Soon I'll get better. Soon. (but how soon is soon?)

This life is a gift. I can always count on that. This life is a gift. Even if it doesn't feel that way. This life is a gift. A gift I did not want, but received nonetheless.

Not all gifts are beautiful. Not all gifts are good. Not all gifts are kind. But a gift is a gift nonetheless.

Stranger, if you are struggling don't give up. “I AM ROOTING FOR YOU! WE ARE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!”

Much love to you.


C. W.