Too Busy

I've been stuck in my office for too long.

I went to the mall today to buy a sandwich and the experience was awful.

It was too crowded.

Too bright. Too busy. Too loud.

There were too many people.

And before the pandemic I would have welcomed such a sight: catching the way people speak, the way they move and hold hands and bicker.

Today, I found all of that to be annoying.

I felt like an alien surveying unknown territory:

Uncomfortable and disconnected.


In the thick of it all, with a sandwich and lemonade in my hand, I caught a glimpse of an old memory and had the honor of visiting what is to be:

It was bright and beautiful and scary. It was like being in a mall with too many people; too many voices and sounds and fancy shimmers and awkward glimmers.

But thank (the deity of your choice) for anonymity. For now, at least.


C. W.