Upcoming Stories

Story Mini Synopsis
The Date(mare) I was tricked into going on a date and it was awful.
Maria’s Midnight Arrest Maria, my grandmother, left my cousin and I locked inside the house while she went to a party that resulted in her arrest.
My Brother’s Umbilical Cord Keeper This is the awkward and cringe-infested tale of the events that led to my brother's birth and the development of my Tokophobia.
English: A Story of a Month I got bullied and as a result learned English in a month.
La “Jitarra” (The Guitar) When I was four I did something to my poor great-grandmother that will definitely ensure my one-way ticket to hell.
The Library My first time inside a library!
The Pink Dress and Why I Hate Clowns I wore a pink dress to a birthday party and saw a clown try to do weird stuff to some children. #NSFW
School Bus Girl Proof angels are real.
The Button I did something childish (and stupid) and ended up at the Red Cross as a result.
July 5th The day my boy arrived.
The Werewolf of Casasano I was out and about literally MINUTES before the Werewolf of Casasano was scheduled to “come out.” – Halloween special, maybe?
Ronald’s Bench When I went on vacation I sat on a bench with a Ronald McDonald statue that supposedly moved and walked and talked at night.
Acne – A Story in Five Parts This is what acne does to you.
El Caldo A pot of BOILING HOT SOUP fell on top of me due to careless negligence. I don't know how else to frame this....sorry.
Farmacias Similares This is my first memory of going to the doctor for something other than a life-threatening illness...sort of.
The Halls Once again, I almost died while under the care of my grandmother.