Virtual Visit Update

I got a call from a nurse around 8AM on 1/18 and by 8:30 AM a prescription had been sent to my pharmacy. I went to pick it up around noon and so far no significant changes. The overall itchiness has decreased significantly, but the red marks around, making my face, chest, neck, torso, back and legs are still making me feel miserable.

I am going to reach out again to let them know my symptoms have not improved and that I am willing to try something new. I hate living like this—it is very uncomfortable!—and I've noticed that although the itching has decreased the red marks are appearing more frequently now, and in larger areas of my frail yet gorgeous body....hmph.

I've never had this happen before, but maybe age is a factor? Well see. I thankfully have a dermatologist appointment next week and maybe something can be figured out there.


C. W.