Would I do it for free?

A few hours ago a very important question was asked of me.

“If there was no financial reward to your career aspiration(s) would you continue pursuing the career you currently want?”

NO, I said to myself. I would not.

The realization that I wouldn't hit me hard, and the air in my lungs disappeared, replaced by a nothingness that hurt. I stood still for a moment, disheartened by my 'honest' realization. Brokenhearted, I decided to quit, to stop writing; it made no sense to continue as I was “not really in it for the art, but for the money.”

And then, dear stranger, I realized I was ALREADY pursuing the career I've always wanted without getting paid—without financial reward of any kind. And I laughed. The air in my lungs returned and everything was right again.

Doubt and temptation are strange things, aren't they?


C. W.